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This is what Combine Owners and Operators have to say about Quicklub:

"We had no bearing repairs or failures after 800 hours of separator time on our combine with the Quicklub system.  I plan to use Quicklub on our next combine." 
Greg Thurman, Thurman Harvesting


"I'm on my combine first thing in the morning, while the other operators are lubing.  They then usually change their clothes before spending 15 hours in the cab."
James Best, Thurman Harvesting



"It's a great system.  Every day my combine is ready to go.  I would like to see it on every combine."
Vic Schoenberger, Figgins Harvesting


Dealers and End Users Share Their Insights on Lincoln Automatic Lubrication

View pdf files and video testimonials as dealer representatives, a farmer and a contract applicator share their insights rearding Lincoln Automatic Lubrication.



Ken Knapp, Owner Operator

"This is my second season with Quicklub.   The system functioned well and kept me in the cab. It really grows on you."



Dennis Carmichael, Owner Operator

"My Lincoln lube system saves me 30 to 45 minutes a day, giving me the ability to spend my time more effectively, and it reduces my overall grease consumption."

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Scott Lees, Kotapish Harvesting

"When ever I walk around my combine to check it, I find a nice seal of grease, not too much or too little.We put over 650 separator hours on both combines and they worked well throughout the year. The lines held up and we had no failures. The system was very reliable."

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Bruce Nagel, Big Rock, IL

"I’ve found that it puts plenty of grease on all of the joints. It also greases while it’s warm and moving so it does a better job of greasing than I would. It also saves me
about a half hour a day.."

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